Mado, 2006

This series, titled “Mado” (window in Japanese) consists of twenty Chromogenic prints in various sizes: 20” x 26”, 20” x 20”, 18“x 25”, 16” x 20”.

The series was inspired by the collaborative project I did with two other artists titled “three rituals” which involved the three of us exchanging clothing, food, and homes.

After exchanging homes with one of my collaborators, I came to the realization that waking up in an unfamiliar environment and doing something normal like drinking a cup of coffee was strangely exciting. It gave me the feeling that I was living someone else’s life.

And as I sat at my collaborator’s breakfast table, I became aware that the view I was seeing from her window must be the same one she contemplates each morning. Inspired by this experience, I developed an idea to create this series.