Three Rituals, 2006

In the spring of 2006, three artists Corina Gamma, Trine Wejp-Olsen, and myself exchanged three daily rituals among us. Those rituals were: getting dressed, eating, and sleeping. Corina is originally from Switzerland, Trine is from Denmark and myself is from Japan but now we all live in Los Angeles.

1. For getting dressed, we exchanged each other’s clothes for one day.  Corina wore Trine’s outfit for a day, Trine wore Yoko’s outfit for a day, Yoko wore Corina’s outfit for a day.

2. For eating, each artist cooked a traditional dinner from one of the other collaborating artists’ native countries – Corina cooked Japanese food, Yoko cooked Danish food, and Trine cooked Swiss food.

3. For the third ritual sleeping, the artists exchanged their homes for one day and one night.

The project is inspired by my experience of these exchanges. First, I documented our clothing exchange. From the eating and sleeping exchanges, I created two small projects reflecting these exchange experiences as well as our different cultural background, and how we each incorporate our personal history into our current life in America.