Untitled, 2007

This project, “Untitled” consists of twelve 14” x 11” Gelatin silver prints of abandoned beach houses and twelve 14” x 11” Chromogenic prints of ocean waves. These photographs were taken at Crystal Cove state park, which is located between the towns of New Port Beach and Laguna Beach in Southern California.

I photographed these beach houses because I was sentimentality drawn to them. They symbolized precious memories of many past summer vacations and they embodied different architectural styles from the1930s and 40s. Later, I realized that my photographs not only recorded those abandoned houses, but, also the spatial relationship between these houses and the hilly landscape behind them.

Afterwards I went back and photographed another twelve images of the view of the ocean as seen from each one of the houses. I stood where I photographed each house and then turned around 180 degrees and took a photograph of the ocean waves that was directly in front of me. These twelve color photographs captured the ocean waves as well as the horizon line behind them.

In the past, I have juxtaposed the photos of the abandoned beach houses and the ocean in three differnt variations.