War and Peace, 2005

This project consists of six 20” x 24” diptychs of color photographs.

These are images of monumental buildings or landscapes from different parts of the world. The images are divided into six diptychs that represent different common areas of life:  a hotel room in Antwerp, an art museum in London, a football stadium in Glasgow, a war memoriam in Hiroshima, school buildings in Cerritos, and a beach in Santa Monica.

When we face monumental buildings or landscapes, we often realized our own individual smallness. We unconsciously look for ways to connect to the largeness of buildings or landscapes at a personal level.

Each diptych represents my approach to the largeness of these places. First, I photographed whole views of these places, then I looked for details in these places in order to personally connect to them without being overwhelmed by the whole.

I have also created a souvenir collage box for Antwerp.